Student loans in the Philippines: lessons from the past

Student loans in the Philippines: lessons from the past

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Serie: Student loans schemes
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This book is part of a new series on student loans schemes.The Philippine experience with student loans schemes differs sharplyfrom that of other countries. A careful examination of the historyof the central scheme offers many lessons, but more about‘what should notbe done’, rather than about ‘what should be done’.While student loans in the Philippines have a long history,they never operated on a large scale, had only a marginal impacton higher education financing and their record of performancehas been low. This study is unique as before now there has beenno systematic review, appraisal or assessment of the student loansschemes since their start in 1975. Not only does this study offermuch information and insight into student loans in the Philippines,it is a pioneering attempt to identify the roots of the problems andto look for possible solutions and improvements.

Authors Kitaev, Igor V./Nadurata, Teresita/Resurrection, Virginia/Bernal, Freddie
Country Philippines
ISBN 92-803-1235-9
Date of publication 2003
Number of pages 108 p.

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