The social context of educational planning

The social context of educational planning

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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The purpose of this work is to question the way educational planning is usually done and to emphasize the importance of many societal factors usually ignored by the planners. Writing as a sociologist, the author sets out the limits within which he thinks educational planning can be effective and the limits to the use of the school system as an instrument of economic and social change. Seven topics have been singled out in this discussion: ambiguities in the conceptualization of educational planning ; the multifunctionality of formal education ; effective training for occupational goals ; socio-political constraints on educational planning ; issues of equity and quality ; schools as instruments for value reorientation ; the social context of education determines its effects. He concludes that schools should be given more autonomy. For this permissive approach is more likely to bring the much-desired "social" benefits of schools.

Authors Beeby, Clarence Edward
Date of publication 1967
Number of pages 35 p.

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