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The UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) supports governments in planning and managing their education systems so that they can achieve their national objectives as well as the internationally agreed development goals.

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 IIEP publications play a key role in disseminating new concepts, methods, and techniques in educational planning. Since 1963, approximately 1200. publications have been produced in print and/or electronic editions – most of which reflect the Institute’s own research programmes and work (see website), while others are based on outside research projects. The majority of the books are available in English and French, and some also in Spanish. See IIEP Buenos Aires for additional publications in Spanish.

 Electronic Publications

 For some years, all publications are systematically available in print and electronic editions. However, certain series – such as Research Papers, Country Notes, and Occasional Papers are only available as e-publications – all of which can be accessed and downloaded free of charge.

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Print Publications

 Print publications are available for sale from IIEP namely in English, French and Spanish – as well as in some other languages. Details on the procedure for ordering, payment and shipment can be found at the following page.

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