Planning early childhood care and education in developing countries

Planning early childhood care and education in developing countries

Publisher: IIEP/UNESCO
Serie: Fundamentals of educational planning
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This booklet attempts to provide straightforward answers in non-technical language to three questions which should be asked by anyone concerned with providing a child care service: What is early childhood care and education? Why should it be provided? and How can its provision be organized? After discussing the needs of the young child, the relation between care and education, and the background of family, community and society, the author gives a brief historical account of the development of early childhood care and education, and then deals at length with the practical problems and the organizational, administrative and pedagogical measures that can be taken. An appendix gives examples of what has been accomplished in this field in a number of countries.

Authors Heron, Alastair
Country Developing countries/Asia/Africa/Latin America/New Zealand/Hungary/USA/UK
ISBN 92-803-1080-1
Date of publication 1979
Number of pages 98 p.

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