Education in the context of HIV/AIDS

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The impact of HIV and AIDS on higher education institutions in Uganda
It is widely known that the HIV and AIDS pandemics have serious impacts on different areas of soc..
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Training teachers in an HIV and AIDS context: experiences from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia
HIV and AIDS constitute a very serious problem in societies with a high HIV and AIDS prevalence, ..
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Heroes and villains: teachers in the education response to HIV
Teachers have been cast as both heroes and villains in HIV education and related contexts, with t..
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L'impact du VIH et du SIDA sur le système éducatif au Togo
La très forte stigmatisation et le silence qui entoure l'épidémie aggravent les effets du VIH ..
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L'impact du VIH et du sida sur le système éducatif au Burkina Faso
Quand on entend parler d'éducation et de sida, on pense spontanément au rôle de l'éducation d..
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Education and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean
HIV/AIDS is the most devastating disease the world has ever encountered.Although present on every..
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The HIV challenge to education: a collection of essays
The ten essays in this volume look at the many and complex relationships between HIV/AIDS and edu..
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The impact of HIV/AIDS on education and institutionalizing preventive education
This book examines the impact of HIV/AIDS on education, in particular in sub-SaharanAfrican count..
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