The diversification of post-secondary education

The diversification of post-secondary education

Publisher: IIEP
Serie: New trends in higher education
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Post-secondary education (PSE) is becoming increasingly diversified in terms of providers, programmes, clientele, and sources of financing. The institutional diversification of the PSE segment includes research universities, teaching universities, professional colleges, polytechnics, and vocational colleges offering courses at degree, diploma, and certificate levels. The fast expansion of the non-university sector is an indication of the responsiveness of the sector to the skill requirements of the employment market. Based on the case studies from Azerbaijan, Chile, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and Nigeria, this book analyses the varying patterns of diversification in the PSE segment. The analysis focuses on: the institutional arrangements for the provision of PSE; the growth and expansion of the segment; the types of courses offered in PSE institutions; the extent of employment-unemployment among PSE graduates; and the mechanisms of financing post-secondary education.

Authors N.V. Varghese
Country Azerbaijan; Chile; Korea R; Malaysia; Nigeria
ISBN 978-92-803-1370-3
Date of publication 2014
Number of pages 128 p.

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