Zimbabwe. Technical handbook on data processing. An approach to national education accounts
Serie: Global Partnership for Education
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Focusing on equity and efficiencin Zimbabwe from June 2014 to September 2015, the study on public resources allocationin educationis one component of a broader GPE funded project related to improving reportingon educationfinance,jointly implemented by UNESCO Institue for Statitics(UIS), UNESCO InternationalInstitue for Educational Planning (IIEP aris and IIEP Pôle de Dakar).

For all countries involved in the project, the work includes an analysis of the public spending for educationand the preparationof financingtables. Zimbabwe participted in stream A of the project, which deals with the allocationof public resources. In Zimbabwe, the analysis of public spending for educationwas complemented by additional analses on equity in resource allocation and public spending efficiency.

This technical manual explains the methodology that was used to develop the various analyses described in the report.Zimbabwe

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