Education and employment, labour market studies

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Educational and labour market forecasting activities in the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria: a survey of methods and some conceptual afterthoughts
Clement suggests forecasting is to some extent, an outgrowth and reflection of political and econ..
Los Programas de capacitación para trabajadores del sector informal en América Latina
The training opportunities for marginals is placed within the historical context of economic deve..
Education, emploi et salaire au Cameroun
Cette étude est basée sur les résultats d'une enquête auprès d'un échantillon de 1450 salar..
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Higher education and the labour market in the Java region, Indonesia
Based on a survey of college students, graduates, and employers throughout Java, this report exam..
Higher education and the labour market in Asia
This 1971-76 study of the employment markets in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, an..
Enseignement supérieur et emploi : l'expérience de l'IIPE dans cinq pays en développement
Les auteurs étudient les résultats d'une série d'enquêtes sur l'emploi des diplômés de l'un..
Unemployment of educated youth in Asia: a comparative analysis of the situation in India, Bangladesh and the Philippines
This study of unemployment among university graduates in West Bengal (India), Bangladesh, and the..
Higher education and employment: some aspects of the IIEP research project
This paper outlines the rationale, goals, planning, methodology, problems and future direction od..
Education, training and the traditional sector
The authors review the existing literature on the relationship between education, training and em..
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Education, formation et secteur traditionnel
Les auteurs analysent la littérature existante sur la relation entre l'éducation, la formation ..
Higher education and employment: the IIEP experience in five less developed countries
The authors review findings of studies on the employment of university graduates in Egypt, the Ph..
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Education, training and recruitment policies of employers: the case of Panama and Rwanda, an attempt to analyze scales of recruitment criteria
This research attempts to develop an adequate statistical tool for analyzing scales of recruitmen..
Education and employment: a critical appraisal
This booklet provides a critical appraisal of the relationship between education and employment. ..
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