Education, industrialization and technical progress in Mexico

Education, industrialization and technical progress in Mexico

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Serie: IIEP Research Report
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The purpose of this study is to determine the nature of the relationship between educational and training systems on the one hand and, industrialization, scientific and technical progress on the other hand. The urban zone located at the mouth of the Balsas river in Mexico is characterized by "explosive growth" resulting from a general industrial and touristic development strategy implemented by the Mexican state, with national and transnational massive investments. The activity of the secondary and tertiary sectors is quite recent. The industries established in the area are oriented towards both national and international markets. Production and productivity are emphasized through capital-intensive, technologically advanced industries which utilize locally produced as well as imported inputs. The "industrial complex" strategy implemented, demands an international level of competitiveness. Two complementary perspectives are adopted in this study. The first presents data and information on the area describing the population, the agraraian and industrial structures, and the functionning of formal educational system. The second perspective evaluates and interpretates processes and tendencies which seek to analyze government plans at the regional and national levels. The conclusion includes some general ideas on the design of a regional educational policy. Thus, the foundation is laid for future and more detailed qualitative studies, for the review of some relevant hypotheses on the problems of technological innovation, absorption of technicians and professionals by industry, currriculum organization of technological schools at the upper middle level, of higher technological institutes and universities.

Authors Padua, Jorge
Country Mexico
Date of publication 1986
Number of pages 320 p.

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