Higher education and employment opportunities in Pakistan

Higher education and employment opportunities in Pakistan

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Serie: IIEP Research Report
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Based on a socio-economic and educational survey of Pakistan, and the data collected from 2,671 employed graduates, 1,489 final-year university students, 260 unemployed graduates, 201 self-employed graduates, 146 institutions and 299 enterprises, the report attempts to study how the educational system meets the country's needs for skilled manpower; examines the nature and extent of educated unemployment, the determinants of demand for higher education, how the education system meets the students' expectations on the one hand, and the firms' on the other, as well as the role education plays in helping students obtain jobs; also analyses the extent to which graduates' careers are influenced by their academic performance, and what alternative delivery systems of education exist for meeting the needs of the world of work.

Authors Husain, Tahir/Sanyal, Bikas C./Abbasi, Mohammad Hashim/Khan, Shahrukh Rafi
Country Pakistan
Date of publication 1987
Number of pages 235 p.

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