University education and employment in Malaysia

University education and employment in Malaysia

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Serie: IIEP Research Report
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Based on a macro-analysis of the socio-economic and education systems of Malaysia, and a micro-analysis of the experiences of nearly 2,000 sixth-form students, 2,500 university students, 1,600 graduate employees and over 200 firms; analyses, how the economic development of the country has affected the employment situation and qualification structure of workers, how the education system responds to the changes and discusses what determines the demand for higher education, how students find jobs and how far education helps graduates obtain jobs; also analyses the socio-economic backgound of graduates and how this affects their finding jobs.

Authors Aziz, Ungku A./Chew, Sing Buan/Lee, Kiong Hock/Sanyal, Bikas C.
Country Malaysia
Date of publication 1987
Number of pages 284 p.

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