From college to work: the case of the Sudan

From college to work: the case of the Sudan

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Based on findings of a previous IIEP research study published in 1975, re-examines the development of higher education in quantitative terms with special emphasis on growth by discipline, region, sex, the educational context preparing for higher education, how the higher education system functions, and finally how the labour market reacts vis-a-vis graduate employment; examines the factors determining the social demand for higher education, career guidance facilities available and how effective they are in smoothing the transition from education to work, how training offered in institutions of higher education is utilized on the job, and the extent to which students expectations are met.

Authors Sanyal, Bikas C./Yaici, Lahcène/Mallasi, I.
Country Sudan
ISBN 92-803-1120-4
Date of publication 1987
Number of pages 212 p., illus., map

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