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The development of scientific and technological research in the German Democratic Republic and its implications for training
Result of research undertaken by IIEP and a team of researchers from the Central Institute for Hi..
Higher education and employment in Botswana
Based on an extensive survey on university students, graduates and employers in Botswana; consist..
Formal education, on-the-job technical training and income: an empirical enquiry into educational policy in India
Based on a random sample survey of 501 employees in 9 Indian companies in both the private and pu..
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University education and employment in Malaysia
Based on a macro-analysis of the socio-economic and education systems of Malaysia, and a micro-an..
Higher education and employment opportunities in Pakistan
Based on a socio-economic and educational survey of Pakistan, and the data collected from 2,671 e..
Employment and career opportunities after graduation: a study on the transition from college to work in the Philippines
Based on a cohort of 1,284 students and a longitudinal study over time, reviews, the problems enc..
Education, training and employment in small-scale enterprises: three industries in São Paulo, Brazil
Result of cooperation between SENAI (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and the IIEP, specifically sets out to an..
Higher education and graduate employment in India: a summary of three case studies
Based on a review of three case studies on the employment and unemployment of university graduate..
From college to work: the case of the Sudan
Based on findings of a previous IIEP research study published in 1975, re-examines the developmen..
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Employment experience of weaker caste graduates (Marathwada Region, India)
Based on a survey of 494 low-caste and 560 high-caste graduates of higher education in the Marath..
Formation scientifique et technique et industrialisation dans les pays en développement
Ce texte cherche, par un bilan de la formation scientifique et technique dans les pays en voie d'..
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Education and employment of the blind: the case of West Bengal
The study was conducted with the support of the (IIEP), of the Canadian International Development..
Education, industrialization and technical progress in Mexico
The purpose of this study is to determine the nature of the relationship between educational and ..